What were the best picks at this year’s NFL Draft?

NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is in the books, but if you want to sound cool you can absolutely steal one of these observations.

Now that the craziness of the NFL Draft is behind us, it’s time to assess what it all means. The future of the league — and of your team — hangs in the balance. The soil has been churned and a fresh crop of rookies are ready to try and become the next superstars.

We won’t really know how this class pans out for a few years, and some of these guys won’t see the field until well into this upcoming season. Knee-jerk reactions are a part of sports, though and FOMO is a serious thing.

If you need to sound like you know what you’re talking about feel free to steal one of these observations.

Josh Rosen is going to play with a fire in his belly

Despite being perhaps the best quarterback in the class, Josh Rosen is an afterthought now that we’re processing what happened this weekend. He was the fourth quarterback taken and didn’t sound happy about it — which is great for Cardinals fans.

Rosen was already confidently swaggering into the league, and now there’s a chip on his shoulder. All of that points towards Arizona having landed a guy who not only had the talent to be really good at this level but now wants to be even better than he already might have been just to twist the knife on teams that passed on him.

He won’t be the most likable superstar quarterback, but Rosen landed in the perfect spot. Not only is Arizona a laid-back market where he can stew quietly, but he’s deeply motivated to become the best quarterback of this class.

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