25 athletes everyone hates (unless they’re on your team)


We all have that player we love to hate. And we all have that player on our team that opposing fans love to hate. Here are 25 players everyone hates, unless they are on your team.

Dennis Rodman.

When you see that name, what is your first response?

In this scenario, stick to sports. Only think about what Rodman did on the court. The pushing and shoving. The demoralizing rebounds after a rare Michael Jordan miss. The sharp “accidental” elbows. The different hair colors. The sarcastic facial expressions.

If you weren’t a fan of the Detroit Pistons or Chicago Bulls during the Rodman days, you probably despised the man. No one would blame you. Rodman was a tough guy to love if he wasn’t on your team. Michael Jordan may have dashed your hopes and dreams of ever seeing your team win a title. But you appreciated the greatness of Jordan because he was without a shadow of a doubt the best player on the court.

Rodman was never the best player on the court. But he acted like he was. He stepped on the floor with Jordan’s swagger and only half the talent. That’s what made you hate Rodman. And those “accidental” elbows.

Now, if you were a fan of the Pistons or Bulls, you loved Rodman. You loved that he wasn’t afraid to go at the best player on the other team. You saw his theatrics and “gamesmanship.” Every player oversells a call or tangles up with the opposing player in an ethical way. Rodman simply did it better than anyone else. It’s not his fault that he’s a better actor than the rest of the league. Double Team was the bomb.

Here are 25 players you hate, unless they are on your team.

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